What to Write About When You Have Writer’s Block

We all get writer’s block from time to time.

When you can’t seem to think of anything to say, it may be a sign that there is no story worth telling.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways around this problem and we’re here to give you some tips on how you can find your voice again.

It’s easy enough to write about what happened yesterday or start with a listicle– but the hard part is finding something unique and interesting for your readers when you’ve been doing this for awhile.

If that sounds like where you are now, then here is a big list of topics (some strange) to write about or ideas to spur some creative juices:

  • Write about a time when you were stuck in traffic
  • Imagine yourself in 5 or 10 years. Write about the steps it will take to get there.
  • Write about your favorite TV show
  • Write about the best meal you’ve had recently
  • Write about how much you love your pet
  • Write an article on something that is going on in the world right now, like climate change or gun control
  • Create a list of things to do if you have writer’s block, such as reading a book or taking a break from writing for awhile
  • Write about your childhood memories
  • Create a list of goals you want to complete this year
  • Talk about something that makes you happy in life
  • Share your favorite recipes with the world
  • Write about an interesting event that happened recently
  • Talk about what your day was like today, or share what’s on your mind right now
  • Write about why you think you are blocked
  • Write about what’s on your dog’s mind at the moment
  • Write a list of things that make you happy
  • Try writing in different formats, including dialogue, journal entries, or poems
  • Look up quotes to inspire yourself
  • Take a break from writing and do something else for awhile
  • Write about what you’re were doing right now, yesterday
  • Write about the first thing that comes to your head, without editing it
  • Write about something you love or hate
  • Write random words for 10 minutes and see what happens
  • Take a break, then come back later to write some more!
  • Ask yourself questions like “What am I most afraid of?” or “What is my favorite memory?” and answer them in writing
  • What are your thoughts on the current political climate
  • How would you feel if you lost your job tomorrow
  • Why do people choose to stay in abusive relationships
  • Do you think that people should be rewarded for good deeds or punished for bad ones
  • Share a story about something interesting that happened to you recently
  • Write about your favorite book or movie
  • Write about the last time you were really happy
  • Interview yourself! Ask yourself five questions and answer them in a blog post
  • Think of all the things that make you angry, then write an article on why they annoy you so much
  • Try writing the same sentence 50 times. Maybe it will trick your brain into coming up with something else to rid itself of the tedium.
  • Write about a personal experience that made you feel strong
  • Write a letter to someone who has had an impact on your life
  • Find inspiration from other people’s writing – read the work of others and take notes on what you like
  • Read books, magazines, or articles that interest you and write down any thoughts or ideas they spark for future use
  • Do something creative with your hands – sew buttons onto clothes, knit a scarf, paint fingernails
  • Take a break from writing by doing something else entirely – go for a walk outside, watch TV
  • Write about your favorite childhood memory
  • Write a letter to someone you miss
  • Share an interesting book review with the world
  • Tell us about one of your passions or hobbies
  • What are you grateful for today, and why is it important to you ?
  • Take on the challenge of writing in first person versus third person point-of-view, and tell us what that was like for you as a writer!
  • Imagine yourself shrunken down to the size of a marble. How would you describe the world around you?
  • Remember it’s okay to have writer’s block sometimes! You’ll get through it eventually!

There are many ways to get over writer’s block. One way is to write about what you know, or at least think you might know. This can be anything from your favorite subject in school, the best vacation spot on earth, a celebrity crush of yours – anything that gets your creative juices flowing!

Another tip for getting past writer’s block is by writing something completely different than what you were originally planning. Try making up stories and characters with no connection whatsoever to real life or any event happening right now in the world.

You never know when an idea will strike!

If these tips haven’t helped yet, try scheduling some time during which you don’t have distractions like social media notifications popping up on your phone every few minutes and just write down the first word that comes in your head. Then write down the next word.

Soon you’ll be chugging along writing away!

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